Transact Freely

Our mission is to free people from the hidden fees embedded into everyday payments. We strip away these inefficiencies by harnessing the power of blockchain technology.

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The world’s largest blockchain payment network

Terra upgrades the traditional payments system with a single efficient blockchain layer.


Powered by a network of stablecoins

Terra’s payment network is supported by a family of stablecoins, which are price-stable digital currencies pegged to the world’s major currencies. Underlying our stablecoins is a protocol programmed to ensure price-stability through an algorithm that expands and contracts overall money supply.

Stabilized by Luna

Our network of stablecoins are backed by Luna, the staking token that powers Terra’s Delegated Proof-of-Stake blockchain. Much like the moon, which stabilizes the earth’s rotation, Luna and its stakers are Terra's eternal guardians of stability. In exchange for providing stability and security, Luna stakers receive rewards from transaction fees and seigniorage.

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A new way to pay

Meet CHAI, a payment gateway reimagined on the Terra blockchain, offering merchants and users lower fees and greater benefits.

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Backed by Asia’s top retail platforms

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Terra’s vision of a world that transacts freely extends beyond payments in Asia to all parts of decentralized finance globally. Join the 66+ validators helping power Terra’s blockchain today.

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