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A stable foundation for the future of decentralized finance.
Mainnet Columbus-3 is here.

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Interact directly with the Terra blockchain through the official dashboard to manage your wallet, swap tokens, and delegate LUNA to validators.
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Terra is

A price-stable cryptocurrency aimed at mass adoption. As its scale grows, we see Terra evolving into a new financial infrastructure for the next generation of decentralized apps.

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A network of stablecoins
Price volatility remains a major barrier for mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. Our answer is Terra, a protocol of money that ensures price-stability by algorithmically expanding and contracting supply. Pegged to the world’s major currencies, Terra is able to support a global payment network.
With a clear adoption roadmap
A currency that can’t be used at checkout is useless. Terra is connected to a formidable alliance of eCommerce platforms, collectively pushing $50 billion in annual transaction volume with 50 million users. Terra is poised to become a medium of exchange at massive scale.
Setting the stage for financial disruption
For too long, financial institutions have neglected innovation at the expense of their customers. Beyond being a currency, Terra will become an open platform for disruptive financial dApps and grow the real GDP of the blockchain economy.


What makes Terra different from other payment methods or stablecoins? Terra is designed to use seigniorage or new money supply to drive adoption and fuel growth. Check out how we plan to grow the Terra economy.

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